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First use

With the MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary BuilderMM3-TeachingMachine you can use your personal coach, you can learn efficiently with a low time expenditure.

You group your studying contents in subjects and lessons. Every lesson consists of several indexes cards. Every card contains a question and the necessary answer.

You use the Short-term Studying for the preparation on examinations. Another method is Long-term Studying. With this method you establish facts in your long-term memory.

For your first use of the MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary BuilderMM3-TeachingMachine:

  • Select: Use examples
    Some subjects, lessons and cards are created.
  • Learning method: Short-term Studying
  • Click on a Subject
    The lessons of the select subject are displayed.
  • Click on at least a Lesson
  • Next to page: Card
    The query direction and the sequence of the cards is displayed. Here you can change the settings for this.
  • Next to page: Box
    The number of cards in the boxes are displayed. At first use all index cards are in the start box.
  • Click on the learning variant: Memorize
    The first question is displayed.
  • Swipe to left and the answer is displayed.
  • You remember all questions and answers of the lesson in this way.
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