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My mobile is my TeachingMachine

The license contains

  • An individual license without limitation of the number of questions&answers or vocabulary for the MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary BuilderMM3-TeachingMachine.
    This license grants you to install and to use the software on your mobile telephone.
    This right to use is bound to your mobile telephone.
  • Within 2 years you are authorized:
    • Using new versions (update service) free of charge
    • Update your license economically, so that:
      • - You can use the service for another 2 years.
      • - You can transfer your license to another mobile telephone.

You would like to buy an Single License for 9,98 Euro

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You would like to update your license for 4,97 Euro

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You will get the license by e-mail from MM3Tools at every payment liquidation.

Prices are gross prices and include the legal value added tax in the area of European Union.
The price quotations are of 8-Jan-2015. With the announcement of new price quotations on the WebSite of MM3Tools these get invalid.

For further details see the License Agreement.

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