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For the import of learning contents a table is used, e.g., a CSV file or a Google Sheet. Parametres of the table can be selected interactively with the import. The table must consist at least of two columns for the question and the answer.

Examples are included in the app and can be exported.
The examples are also available as a zip file.

Formatting MM3-TeachingMachine - FlashcardsMM3-Flashcards

Questions and answers can be formatted with HTML, e.g.:

<img src=image.jpg>

The file image.jpg must be stored in the folder MM3TeachingMachine/subject/lesson/.
Use for both folders subject and lesson suitable names.
Images should not be larger than the resolution of the screen.

Multiple Choice MM3-TeachingMachine - FlashcardsMM3-Flashcards

Formatting of the question with e.g. three answers:

Text of the question
a Text of the first answers
b Text of the second answers
c Text of the third answers

For the answers sequential lowercase letters from a to z must be used. Every answer must be arranged behind it in the same line.

Formatting of the answer with e.g. two right answers a and c:


The same letters must be used in the same order like in the question.
All letters must be arranged one after the other without blank in the same line.

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